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About Search Mindscape Foundation, Inc.

Search Mindscape Foundation is a non-profit organization that paves way for interaction, collaboration, and engagement in the Philippine art community. The foundation finds and provides opportunities to contemporary visual artists that will further enhance their creativity and artistic development.

 M I S S I O N

Search Mindscape Foundation is constantly searching for visual artists and partners who value storytelling as a catalyst for connection, community building, and engagement.

 V I S I O N

Search Mindscape Foundation envisions itself to be a gateway into the contemporary art world for artists and art enthusiasts alike; as well as be a pathfinder that emerging visual artists can turn to for mentorship and support.


Justin Nuyda, a world-renowned Filipino contemporary artist, serves as the main inspiration for the foundation. For Nuyda, a mindscape is a representation of reality as the artist sees it. He believes that viewers of the artist’s work are free to dwell on the possible evocations of his inscape and emerge with more insights, realities, and interpretations of art, life, and more.

Search Mindscape Foundation represents Nuyda’s open-handed gesture of carving viable paths for the next generation of Filipino artists. It certainly is a reiteration of his hope that these emerging Filipino artists can, in their individual ways, define and refine with open-mindedness, a mindscape they can call their own.


Search Mindscape Foundation believes and upholds the following values:

Constant Search and Discovery

The dynamic nature of the art world prompts the emergence of new styles and artists every day. The foundation is dedicated to conceptualizing innovative ideas and discovering promising and emerging talents, knowing they are essential to the continued growth of the Philippine art community.

Creative Development

To cultivate the growing community of contemporary visual art in the country, the foundation directs its resources to nurture artists and institutions that support the Philippine art industry.

Community and Engagement

With the belief that art is an experience for everyone, the foundation advocates inclusivity in the art community through building audiences that value art’s power to connect people and nourish the soul.